Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Knowing your role

One problem I see when I look at the leaders in the F&S community is the knowledge of their limit in regards to their position or role with the organization.  For example in a lot of organizations, not just Greek, there are some leaders who do their job but for some reason they feel they have to do everybody else's job even if they are doing their job up to par.  I feel some leaders do this because they think they have the power to step in and help some body when they are new or when they want to change things from how it is normally done.  The leader usually has his or her own way of doing things in their head and wants everything go on with his plan and not have the officer make his or her position in his own way.
Another issue that I see is when an older leader in an organization tries to be an officer without a title.  A lot of times in F&S somebody who has been in an officer position before with a lot of power usually will feel in a place of power even though they have no title in an executive position.  Then the leaders tend to make his way into a place of power into a position that requires a lot of experience. This then makes the officer mad and decreases his moral and view of the chapter.

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