Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Put in any place.

I feel like a person who has aspirations to become a leader of an organization can be put in that position without any type of credibility or experience.  A person can change the views that others have on them by creating an environment that puts them in a place of power and of authority.  Then the members of the organization will put that person in a leadership role before the person states their experience or credibility.

Whats changed?

I feel that my leadership knowledge has developed significantly over the past year.  I have never been a person who wanted to take a leadership position before college.  However, college has developed my leadership aspirations and ideals and has made me pursue a goal that deals with being a leader for life.  With this new attitude of leadership I feel like people respect me more and strive to have relations with me because of my leadership and knowledge about leadership.

Is the outside the inside?

Sometimes I feel that some organizations are viewed differently from outside communities differently than what the people in the organization view their own organization. For instance think that there are some Fraternities that look all good and dandy from the outside but some people within the chapter see all the problems and negative things that are meant to be hidden from the outside.  Mostly member relations and how things are run are usually criticized from people within the chapter.  

Are we inclusive?

I believe that the F&S community is not inclusive because we rely on a lot of support and relations with outside communities.  I think that we need a link from one community to the next so that the lives of our community and other communities will be impacted.  I also believe that if we were inclusive our community would never get in trouble because we would not care about people in outside communities judging their every move.

Lowest common denominator

In every organization there are the leaders, then the people who aspire to be leaders, then the people who are just there to enjoy the ride, then the people who cause a lot of trouble for the leaders.  For the leaders they are the ones who have to deal with the ones who cause all the trouble.  Instead of punishing them they need to help them and push them to become part of the group of people that are just there to enjoy the ride or even acquire aspirations to become a leader.  However a lot of weaknesses in chapters is the leaders just throwing those people under the bus and not trying to make them become a better leader and a better man.


Is someone born a leader or can they be developed into one?  Is leadership a personality or a trait?  What is leadership?
I believe that a leader is not born a leader, but rather a leader develops over time with the teachings and experiences that they go through throughout their life.  I do believe that being a leader is a personality and not a trait.  Leaders who lead do it unconsciously and do not lead because they have to or because a leader is needed. Being a leader shapes a persons life decisions and how they treat those they share their experiences.  Being a leader is not made of just one thing, but rather an idea derived from the Lambda Chi Alpha learning L.D.R.S.H.I.P model.
S-Service and Stewardship
P-Personal Courge
To be a leader one must live out all of these core values in their every day life.

What is your purpose?

My purpose as an individual is to use the knowledge that I have developed to learn overtime to further my knowledge, pass on my knowledge, and use my knowledge as a respected leader, role model, and parent.  My purpose as a member in the Greek community is to slowly learn what it takes to become a respected leader.  Then take the knowledge that I have developed overtime and give back to those who passed on their knowledge to me by becoming a respected leader in the Greek community as well as use my knowledge to further my organization to greater heights.  With this knowledge it is my duty to pass it on to the next leader and then the next leader after that.  Fortunately, my purpose as an individual and my purpose as a member in the Greek community go hand in hand.