Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Elevation v.s. Transition

Looking how an officer in a fraternity works and tries to elevate while he is in the office and how an officer transitions to a new officer taking their role is like looking at a roller coaster that has a bunch of hills and drops.  First an officer takes the position and starts at a low point.  Usually they are overwhelmed or maybe confused on what to do.  However, after a few months they start to get into the swing of things and begin to get into a routine and now they can begin to process the position.  Unfortunately around this time elections occur and a new member is elected to replace the position before the position had enough time to fully progress.  Then the new officer wants to do things his own unique way and decides to start from scratch and performing his own ideas rather than continuing what the previous officer had began to develop.  To fix this upward and downward transition it is the officers duty to find a person to take their position and train them what they need to do and what needs to be done so that the position can continue to develop and progress to its fullest potential.  Also, the current officer should give his successor the opportunity to basically run the position before the transition officially happens so that the new officer will already be comfortable and qualified to start where the previous officer left off and begin at an elevation and keep the elevation at a consistent pace.

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