Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 2...and I lost.

Day 2 was light because day 1 was kind of vigorous.  So all I did today was play basketball with Tommy today.  We started with horse...and I lost.  Then we played a game of around the world...and I lost.  Then we played two 30 minute hard games of 21...I lost both of them.  I am not a great basketball player, and I observed that neither Tommy or myself was in the best of shape.  However, Tommy played basketball in high shcool so he would obviously have more knowledge about basketball.  So I have decided to create a long term goal for myself: Beat Tommy in horse, around the world, and 21 in the same day.  This is a fun and easy way to fit in my 60 minutes of physical activity every Tuesday and Thursday. 

Tip for the day:  Try to have fun with the physical activity you do.  Make it a game, or a feat you have to overcome.  Make a workout fun to keep you coming back.       

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